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EMS Safety Classes are fun but well structured. Classes are customized by industry. They are very economical as well! Let us come to you. Classes taught at your location for your employee's convenience. Use the quoting feature below to get a customized quote or call 262-203-9815


The Professional CPR Certification and AED Certification course offered by EMS Safety Services, Inc. is OSHA compliant and is approved by federal, state, municipal and private/non-profit organizations Click here for a complete description. This training program may be taught separately or as part of a comprehensive safety course. Want to be certified in CPR? Check out the below features.

CPR and AED Features:

  • 2015 Guidelines

  • OSHA-compliant

  • 30-page, full color student workbook

  • 2-year certification

  • Includes Certification card

  • Instructor-to-Student ratio of 1:12

  • Requires skills testing

Ideal for:

  • Workplace Responders

  • Citizen Rescuers

Topics Include:

  • Adult, child and infant CPR and Choking care

  • AED use and safety precautions

  • Scene Assessment

  • CPR barriers

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Responding to an emergency

  • Recovery position

  • Bloodborne pathogens

  • Legal Issues


CPR, AED And First Aid For Childcare Providers Workbook Features:

  • The Perfect Book For Caregivers Of Small Children.

  • OSHA-Compliant

  • Available With Spanish Language Workbook And DVD

  • 2-Year Certification

  • 78-Page Workbook

  • Includes Certification Card

  • Instructor-To-Student Ratio Of 1:12

Ideal For:

  • Childcare Providers

  • Daycare Centers

  • Babysitters

All Topics Of Basic CPR, AED & First Aid Plus:

  • Indoor Safety

  • Water Safety

  • Dehydration

  • Playground Safety

  • Recognizing Maltreatment Of Children



The CPR, AED and First Aid for Caregivers student workbook contains all the same content from our CPR, AED and First Aid CORE program plus in-depth material on prevention of falls, medication management, saying active and more!

Whether you are working at an assisted living facility or if you are an active senior, the CPR, AED and First Aid for Caregivers workbook is for you.


  • Full Color

  • High Gloss Paper

  • New Pictures

  • New Layout

  • 11 pages of additional content

Ideal For:

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Senior Communities

  • Caregivers

  • Businesses That Cater To Seniors

  • Active Seniors

  • And More…

Topics Include:

  • Caregiving

  • Safe Travel

  • Cardiac Risk Factors

  • Communicating With The Elderly

  • Safe Community

  • Diabetes Management

  • How To Talk With Your Doctor

  • CPR Alternate Hand Positioning

  • COPD, Pneumonia

  • Keeping Active

  • Fall Prevention & Fall Proofing

  • Postural Hypotension

  • Medication Safety

  • Choking In A Wheelchair



The Bloodborne Pathogens course offered by EMS Safety Services, Inc. is OSHA compliant and is approved by federal, state, municipal and private/nonprofit organizations. Click here for a complete description.  This training program may be taught separately or as part of a comprehensive safety course.

  • Workbooks available in Spanish

  • 1-year certification per OSHA annual training requirement

  • 18-page workbook

Ideal for:

  • Emergency Responders

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Housekeeping

  • Law Enforcement

  • Anyone With Potential For Exposure To Blood Or Body Fluids

Topics Include:

  • The Bloodborne Pathogens Standard

  • Human Immunodeficiency VFirus (HIV)

  • Hepatitis B and C Viruses

  • Workplace Transmission

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Glove Removal

  • Management of Sharps

  • Blood Spills

  • Labeling

  • Hand Washing and Hygiene

  • Maintenance and Housekeeping

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • Responding to Emergencies

  • Universal & Standard Precautions

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