UPDATED - Face Shield V2.5 is now available.

Reusable + Fast Assembly

The FS-2.5 face shield can be assembled in under 1 minute with no tools. Each shield can be reused with components designed to withstand medical grade sterilization procedures including both gravity displacement autoclave and high-speed vacuum sterilizers.



The FS-2 is 60% lighter than the leading full crown face shields currently available.

Developed with feedback from first responders, the FS-2 weighs less than 5 ounces, allowing for more comfort during long periods of wear.


One Size Fits All

Field tested by surgeons and first responders with direct feedback on comfort and long term wear. It features a low-density closed cell PVC foam interior head pad paired with an adjustable neoprene head strap. Designed for fast adjustments and the ability to swap individual components in the field.


H - 9.5" 

W - 10" 

D - Fully adjustable


Full Face Protection

Features a side extended contoured shield, this provides full coverage while still allowing for easy maneuverability, especially when looking down working with patients or lab samples.

Face Shield V2.5