Rugged and durable this AED is built to withstand the harsh environments that EMS professionals encounter every day. Designed for the professional user, the Lifepak 1000 is the most advanced AED ever designed by Physio-Control. 

The Lifepak 1000 is built with a large screen for graphics and text display so that wherever an emergency strikes, you will be ready with the Lifepak 1000. Loud and dark environments can make it difficult to hear and understand prompts from some AEDs, but this professional model makes it simple.

Continuing the Lifepak standard of care, this unit utilizes escalating energy technology and is the only AED in the market that can shock up to 360 Joules. FDA studies have shown that 360 Joules have been successful in terminating fibrillation in patients where 200 Joules were not effective. Some patients are just more difficult to defibrillate and the Lifepak 1000 can deliver the energy needed to help everyone who could one day become a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. 

The Lifepak 1000 is versatile to accommodate for first responders or professionals by allowing you to change the protocols to your local standard. Up to 17 hours of continuous monitoring also gives you the confidence that your device will be ready for whatever you throw at it. 

Also available with 3 wire ECG capabilities the Lifepak 1000 will stand up to the test of being the premier professional AED. Backed by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty and the Physio-Control name you know that your purchase will be protected. 

Lifepak 1000 Feature breakdown:

• Loud voice prompts and lighted buttons to guide you.
• Large LCD screen displaying graphics and text for quick reference can be seen from any angle and in bright sunlight.
• Pre-connected electrodes that help speed your response when every second counts.
• Pediatric therapy can be easily provided using the Infant/Child Reduced Energy Defibrillation Electrodes.
• Built-in flexibility to program the unit to your CPR and resuscitation protocols.
• High capacity battery to provide the power for up to 440 shocks or approximately 17 hours of monitoring time.
• Digitally recorded ECG rhythm and delivered shocks, which can be wirelessly transferred via IrDA port to a PC for 
   post-event quality review.
• From the streets to the emergency room, the 1000 is compatible with the full suite of lifesaving tools from 
   Physio-Control, including our line of manual  defibrillator/monitors.
• With the touch of a button, the 1000 operates in manual override,so you can decide when to analyze and shock.
• Lead II ECG patient monitoring** on large display via 3-wire cable provides flexibility for
• ECG-trained users and enables ALS teams to quickly assess patient rhythm.

Lifepak 1000 AED Graphical Display With Pediatric Capability

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