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The Survival Workplace First Aid Kit contains everything your business needs to be safety compliant. This kit will cover nearly every workplace emergency.


Kit Dimensions

Height 10.63 inches

Width Closed 4.72 inches

Length Closed 8.27 inches

Length Open 31.10 inches

Weight 3.53 pounds


Best First Aid Kit Design And Layout

Designed by Australia first aid experts, the color coded labelling system allows you to clearly identify first aid contents and explains the typical uses for each item. This allows you to respond quicker and easier in an emergency situation.


Easy Refill And Restock

Each pocket has a color coded tag and a numbered labelling system that tells you how many of each item you should have. This alerts you to replacement requirements and makes it clear when you need to refill and restock.


Quality First Aid Product And Components

The bag is made of coated 600D Oxford Polyester that is very durable and water resistant. Zippers and handles are strong and are double stitched. The outside of the bag can be disinfected with mild disinfectant solution or disinfectant wipes.

In addition to the extensive selection of first aid items your kit includes a very well made mini CPR module that includes CPR instructions which will support your first aid training in case of a workplace emergency. 


Personalize Your Kit

Inside your kit there is a large personal space to add additional items you see fit. This is a great place to place Stop The Bleed Products like SWAT T tourniquet, Israili Bandages and Chest Seals.   These items will easily fit in the space.

Survival Emergency Solutions Workplace First Aid Kit

SKU: workplace
$159.95 Regular Price
$134.95Sale Price
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