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Urban Rescue Solutions was founded by me, Scott Carter, a 20 year Professional Firefighter/Paramedic from Wisconsin and my wife Kristy, a Registered Nurse. Together we have a great deal of passion for helping fire departments, private ambulance companies, law enforcement and the general public obtain the the life saving products they need to make a difference and save lives. We only carry the very best and most innovative products. If it's on our website, there is a reason it's there. It's there because we found something special about it that other products like it don't have. Something that will make you better or more efficient. Our employees are true clinicians, with years of experience working as firefighters, nurses, paramedics and EMTs. Together our team is able to provide you with unique solutions no other company can compete with. When you buy from us, you get our experienced staff to train and inservice your crews and we treat you as if you're from our own department.  Unlike other companies full of career sales people that never actually had the opportunity to perform CPR on a real person, intubate someone, help someone struggling to take a breath, shock someone back to life with an AED, or delivery a baby in the back of an ambulance. We do!! We get what you do and we want to help you obtain the very best equipment so you can be the best at what you do. Call us for a free demo of our products and you will quickly see the difference when you buy from one of your own.