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6 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Your AED From Urban Rescue Solutions 

  1. Urban Rescue Solutions is a Firefighter owned company. We take saving lives seriously. Buying from us supports our mission to get as many AEDs into the community as possible.
  2. Since we are firefighters, we are experts at helping you choose the right lifesaving equipment for your unique situation. Feel free to call us anytime to ask which device is right for you! 
  3. We carry every brand and current model of AED on the US market. 
  4. We provide Lifetime Service. All AED models have different recommendations on when to replace the pads and batteries. We will remind you when it's time to replace your AED's pads and batteries and provide you a convenient option to purchase.
  5. Low Price Guarantee. We promise to give you the lowest price possible. Manufacturers require advertised prices be set at a certain amount, however, we can give you a better price with a personalized quote. Call today for a free no hassle quote.
  6. We offer free same day shipping on any AED order. 

Click On Brands Below To Find Info On Each Brand

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