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Physio Control & Heartsine AEDs

  • Heartsine AEDs have 8 year warranty
  • Only AED with 4 year pad/battery cartridge 
  • 350P is basic semi automatic AED
  • 360P is fully automatic (no shock button) **most popular
  • 450P is a semi automatic AED with CPR coaching
  • Lifepak CR Plus is one of the most popular AEDs in the US
  • Semi automatic and fully automatic versions available
  • Lifepak AEDs have 8 year warranty
  • Only AED with Charge Pak. Replace Charge Pak every 2 years. Battery and pads have same expiration dates. 
  •  AED Business packages save you money
  • Includes complete AED (pads, battery, carry case)
  • Includes alarmed cabinet
  • Includes wall sign
  • Includes CPR response kit
  • Includes AED inspection tag
  • Includes AED window decal 

    Urban Rescue Solutions

    High Quality Rescue Products 

    Sold By Firefighters & EMS Professionals Who Use Them

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